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We have really enjoyed working with this group thus far. We are 3/4 of the way done with a remodel and things have been going good so far. I’ll try to remember and update after completion. Ray and team have been responsive, helpful and on time. We’re still waiting on a few things, as expected and in-like with the discussed timeframe. But things have been going good thus far.

Brennen Bastian


Great workmanship and was very efficient. Did not take very long start to finish. Highly recommend!

Mark Ross


Was referred to Rex by Lisbeth Perez, a real estate agent who specializes in remodels in Sugarhouse. Rex offered many useful suggestions for our remodel along with other projects we have in mind. He uses experienced workers and has options that can make our dreams a reality. He is timely and did not rush. Highly recommend!

Susan Welland

Kitchen Remodel

I was looking to remodel my kitchen and I was thumbing through the Home Values magazine and I saw this add for Remodel Express. So, I took a chance and called. I spoke with a very pleasant and soft spoken gentleman named Ray. I told him what I was needing and he said he would be here the next day. He came and we talked about what I thought I was needing to make the kitchen functional. He pulled out his tape measure and showed me some samples of what the cabinets would be like. and I was impressed with quality of the materials being used. I was really dreading remodeling the kitchen, however, Remodel Express and Ray made it almost enjoyable. All the people that came to the house are tradesmen in remodeling. My remodel was completed on time and I am thrilled with my new kitchen. Everything has a place. Thank you Ray and Remodel Express for making my worst room in the house, the best room in the house.

Dawn Walker

Bathroom Remodel

Wanted a partial remodel of our bathroom. Called Remodel Express because I saw an add in the Value Paper. Ray came out the next day in his truck that holds all his samples. I was able to chose the cabinets, floor tile, and counter tops right then and there. I really liked this aspect of his business. After consulting with some other companies and my husband we decided to go with Remodel Express. Ray came out and spoke with the both of us to confirm our ideas and finalize everything. Then we didn’t hear anything from him for awhile. We didn’t know when our remodel was really going to start. We had to finally text him and ask. We were given one date and then it was pushed back another week. I understand how the construction business works. It was just a bit frustrating not knowing and not hearing from Ray that things were going to start later than planned. Once the work began, the subcontractors worked really well. The only problem was I never knew when to expect them at my house. I was just told to expect them that day. Sometimes I was at home and sometimes I was not. It did create some difficulty not knowing when to expect people at my house. The work the subcontractors did was excellent. They were courteous, kind, and professional. There was a mix up with the countertop back splash. The company didn’t measure for one and there should have been one. I called Ray and he had them out the next day installing a backsplash. When Ray went to order my countertop it had been discontinued and so he sent me pictures of some choices that I could make instead. I made that choice via photo and the choice ended up not being exactly what I had planned. Everything else in my bathroom has a white marble look to it and the countertop is definitely off-white. I couldn’t tell the color from the picture he sent. But by the time it was installed it was too late to really make a change. It’s a beautiful countertop. Just not what I had planned for my bathroom. Upon removing our old custom cabinets and installing our new stock cabinets we discovered that the moulding around our bathroom door, which previously had only been a half piece, now needed to be a whole piece. I figured that Ray would find a piece of moulding to finish the job. When I asked him about this he told me it was not part of the quote for the job and that it was my responsibility to go find the new moulding. I thought it was the responsiblilty of the general contractor to complete the job. I guess it was just difference of opinion but it rubbed me and my husband wrong. Joe, the handyman, took it upon himself to help us out and he found a length of moulding that did the trick and came and installed it for us. We sure appreciated his effort. There are some things that we felt could have been improved: communication of when people would be arriving, make sure everything you want done is in the quoted price, and be sure to see all the samples with your own eyes before agreeing on installation if it really matters. All in all we had a fairly good experience with Remodel Express. The work done by the subcontractors was done well. The subcontractors themselves were hardworking and kind. The end result is nice and we are pleased with our bathroom.

Paige Janzen

Window Replaced

We had a window replaced with a big beautiful sliding door and added a door access to the garage on our old brick home. We love how they turned out. The cut was clean, the installation was quick, and the finishing work looks great! The crew was very nice and professional. Once the job started it was completed in a couple days. We are very happy!

Christy n JayR Suguturaga

Kitchen Remodel

Ray is great to work with, and helped make the process smooth, we completed a full kitchen remodel, lighting, and beautiful floors throughout. I would totally recommend Remodel Express to friends and family for any remodeling needs.

Losa McCoy

Kitchen Remodel

After 35 years we needed a new kitchen. We found Remodel Express after shopping around at a few local Home Shows. Ray brought his Customized Remodel Express Showroom van to our home where we were able to select and pick our choices for cabinet, flooring and countertop. In fact he brought the van back so that we could double check our selections we picked for our home. Remodel Express was able to start our remodel in less that a month and had all of the major work done in a few weeks. He had all of the subs lined up so that there wasn’t any down time between them. We enjoyed seeing the transition from old to new throughout the timeline. We are very happy with the outcome and the features that made our kitchen perfect. We entertained one other contractor that seemed pushy when it came to selecting what options and the higher end and premium items to put into his bid. I am not going to tell how much we save but to only say that the difference in cost was significant, and the results are perfect. Ray quietly listened and suggested things that could be done to help achieve our wishes. We know that hiring Ray with Remodel Express was the right choice for our kitchen project. I highly recommend hiring him for your home remodel.

Cliff Winegar

New Kitchen

Ray helped me design my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier! One of the first things I liked when he gave us the quote was it included all the upgrades other companies wanted to charge extra for. All the crews were polite and skilled. All I can say is that they were honest and dedicated. I’m very happy with Ray, Remodel Express and his team.

Darlene K

New Master Bath

We had a great experience with Remodel Express. They remodeled our shower and garden tub into one beautiful walk in shower. They installed 2 pocket doors and filled in our former sunken living room to all one level. The flooring was matched perfectly and one would ever be able to tell it was ever there. The crews all did a great job and were tidy and efficient. We are thrilled with the work done by Remodel Express!

Karen B

80’s Bathrooms

We contacted Remodel Express after seeing them at a local Home Show. we struggled to find a suitable and trustworthy contractor to totally remodel our two bathrooms. When we first met and talked about the work, Ray brought out his experience in ideas, with actual samples on his “Mobile Showroom” on hand and his overwhelming confidence in his team. He used individual professionals for every aspect of the project and it shows. The results were fantastic! We are so happy to have had Remodel Express and Ray do the work.

Mike Krach

Kitchen Remodel

We called Remodel Express from an ad in a magazine. We set an appointment and they showed up with their “Mobile Showroom”. Once they came in and measured for the kitchen remodel, Ray asked us to go out to the van. The mobile showroom was full of all the latest styles and colors. Ray helped with design suggestions and once we had chosen out the products we took them inside and looked at it in our house. Once we received a price we were so excited to get started with our kitchen remodel. This company provides you with everything you need for the inspiration – design – build from start to finish and one thing that was real important to us was the job was done in about 4 weeks rather than months like our neighbors experienced. Thank you Remodel Express!!

Anne P

Kitchen & Office Remodel

We were happy to receive a quote from Remodel Express – the price was great and once they started the quality and look was just we wanted in our new kitchen. We put a huge island in the new kitchen and remodeled the great room. We also added an office. Ray’s crew handled all the plumbing, electrical, framing drywall and flooring. The kitchen cabinets and counter tops were done quite fast. All in all the whole project was done in a few weeks by Ray and his team. All the guys were great and we were happy to have NOT had to go through months of construction for a project of this size. Thanks so much Ray and His team at Remodel Express.

John and Eve P

New Kitchen

It was a pleasure working with Ray and Remodel Express. He was pleasant and always prompt in responding to questions or issues during the project. His team were all professional and tidy when working in our home. We are very happy with the updated look we now have in our 25 year old kitchen. The price and the relatively short period of inconvenience were all worth it.

Bonnie G.

Master Bath Remodel

Ray and Remodel Express was great to work with and offered a design service with the incredible “Mobile Showroom”. He returned calls promptly and answered any questions I had. I am very pleased with the way the master bath turned out. I would recommend Remodel Express to anyone who wants to remodel any project in your home.

Deloris H